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Valuation Services

As co-founder of one of the first firms in Canada to specialize exclusively in the valuation of privately held businesses, Wayne Albo has unparalleled valuation expertise and experience. Assignments are varied and Calcap provides valuation services for numerous client objectives including:

Market Pricing Analysis: Designed to provide clients contemplating an acquisition or divestiture with a systematic analysis of the factors impacting the current market environment for a particular business. Such information is integral to informed decision making.

Preliminary Assessment of Value: Many business owners and corporations require a general overview on value of their company or specific business division. Value of a business is set by a diverse range of influences including industry cycles, specific company financial attributes, the number of buyers in the market, and economic traits. Every situation is unique and understanding how these factors combine at a point in time is essential to dictate value.

Fairness Opinions: Mandated under certain provisions by the Ontario Securities Commission and the CBC Act, corporations may be required to hire an independent valuator to provide a formal opinion on a proposed transaction. Calcap has gained valuable experience in preparing the Valuation and the Fairness Opinion in accordance with the requirements and recommended procedures.

Our approach to the valuation will normally include a detailed review of the financial position, past operating results and expected future performance of the business and the assets and liabilities of the Company and any subsidiaries. Interviews and correspondence with management, shareholders and other professional advisors will be conducted in order to augment our knowledge of the operations of the Company. A review of current economic conditions and published market data and other information regarding the industry in which the Company operates will be performed.

Fees for Calcap's Valuation Services are established based on a competitively priced hourly rate per Calcap professional or on an overall project specific total fee basis.